About Six Made

Toronto is an entrepreneurial wonderland. For starters, our demographic makeup is the perfect concoction of metropolitan consumers. If the Canadian market is too lean, we are just close enough to our neighbours down south to enjoy their market potential. Our government also has plenty of resources available and actually encourages entrepreneurship and small businesses. For these reasons and many more, we are fortunate enough to buy almost anything locally if we wanted to. Personally, I chose to buy locally not only for the good it does for the economy, but also because I know my neighbour Steve, the aspiring designer selling t-shirts to pay the bills, needs my money more than H&M does.

Our diversity breeds some of the most creative entrepreneurs out there. The more I researched, the more interested I was in discovering our local businesses and the people behind them. I spoke to one entrepreneur, then another, and their stories were so good I felt selfish for not sharing.

So here is Six Made, a blog bringing you the stories of Toronto’s up and coming entrepreneurs.